AutoCAD 2006 ENG Win SSL-Box + SpacePilot USB

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This product is available in UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland only.

License : Autodesk School Version SLL
License Type : Single license
Time Limit : 24 months
Proof of Specialist Qualification : Proof of technical / engineering / design studies required. CAD must be part of curriculum
Eligibility :
•  Students
•  Teachers

Product description

AutoCAD 2006

The New Standard in CAD Productivity
Use AutoCAD® 2006 to realize your ideas with maximum speed, power, and efficiency. Beginning with dramatically smaller file sizes in AutoCAD 2004, and continuing with the Sheet Set Manager in AutoCAD 2005, Autodesk is raising the bar on productivity once more with AutoCAD 2006. From the new dynamic blocks capability that allows you to quickly create, manipulate, and extract data from blocks, to heads-up design, which keeps your focus on your work rather than on the software, AutoCAD 2006 makes an impact on the way you work, every single day.

Dynamic Blocks
Blocks are a lot smarter in this release. As designs become more complex, block libraries grow. And as block libraries grow, data becomes difficult to manage. AutoCAD 2006 puts the control back where it belongs—with you. Dynamic blocks dramatically reduce cumbersome block libraries and enable you to modify block geometry during insertion with new grips and action features.

Annotating and Composing Drawings
Streamline the creation, placement, and editing of text and table information with the new AutoCAD 2006 Mtext command and enhanced table features. Now, text created in the Mtext Editor has exactly the same appearance in the editor as it does in the drawing. Positioning text is a snap, and you can create bulleted lists in the format that conforms to your drawing standards. And you can automatically update your table calculations as your designs and documentation progress. Hatching capabilities are also greatly enhanced. Hatch multiple areas with a single command, add and remove hatch boundaries, and easily calculate the area of single or multiple hatches, with the value displayed as a field on the drawing.

Enhanced User Interface
With AutoCAD 2006, you no longer have to shift your focus between your drawing and the command line. In addition to the traditional method of entering information, AutoCAD 2006 puts the power of the command line at the graphics cursor, where you can enter dimensional and command option information as you work. Also new in this release are customizable tool palettes. Whether you want commands, blocks, macros, company standards, or LISP routines, you can have the content you use every day, organized the way you use it.

3DConnexion Spacepilot

Part evolution, part revolution. Our most advanced 3D motion controller maximizes productivity and comfort in 3D applications.

Now enjoy unparalleled control and mastery over your 3D world with the highly advanced SpacePilot motion controller. Eliminate half of all mouse movements by using SpacePilot’s feather-touch controller to quickly and efficiently navigate designs and scenes with your left hand – while simultaneously using your mouse in your right hand to select and edit.

Building on this innovation of Two Handed Power™, SpacePilot adds breakthrough functionality to further remove barriers between you and the application. At the heart of this design revolution are twenty-one intelligently placed speed keys each with pre-programmed functions assigned for specific applications you choose. Or, if you prefer, customize speed keys for even greater efficiency. Let the revolution begin.

Motion Controller : Advanced 6 degrees-of-freedom optical sensor
Device Sensitivity : Adjustable to preference
Palmrest : Flat or optional sculpted (included)
Buttons : 21+ Programmable speed keys, 15 reprogrammable
LCD : Viewing Area : (WxH) 4.0” x 1.0” (102.4 x 30.2mm); Active Area : (WxH) 3.7” x 1.0” (93.4 x 26.2mm); Display Format : 240 x 64
Interface type : USB
Weight : 1.875 lb (0.85 kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 9.3” x 5.6” x 2.0” (236 x 143 x 53 mm)
Warranty : 3 years
EMC & safety stnds : FCC, CE

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel® Pentium® III or later processor or compatible, 800 MHz or higher
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (Professional, Home Edition, or Tablet PC Edition with SP1 or SP2) or Windows® 2000 Professional (SP3)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 500 MB free disk space for installation
  • 1024x768 VGA with true color
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1 or later)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse, trackball, or compatible pointing device
  • USB port

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