Adobe Audition 2.0 + 128 Mb USB Memory Stick
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This product is available in UK, Irland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland only.

License : Adobe Education License
License Type : Single license
Time Limit : Unlimited
Proof of specialist qualification : Not necessary
Eligibilty :
•   Pupils
•   Students, college students
•   Teachers
•   Schools, high schools
•   Colleges, universities
•   Teaching hospitals
•   Non-commercial R&D

Special limited time offer!

This limited offer bundle contains a free 128MB USB memory stick!

Commercial use and upgrade of Adobe Education Products possible!

Any Adobe Education Product (except Student Editions) may be used for commercial purposes after the studies/training/education has ended. This also applies to paid jobs, which were accepted by you during your training or study. Since the use of the Adobe Education Products is not limited in this regard, Adobe does not only support pupils and students when learning, but also at the beginning of their careers and the first paid projects.

Further you can still use the serial number of your Adobe Education Software after your training or your study for upgrades (retail price), instead of having to invest into the next full version. Thus you profit both during and after your training from the privileges of Adobe Education Products

Attention! This affects only original Adobe products. Macromedia products are currently not affected!


Integrated audio recording, mixing, editing, and mastering

Record, mix, edit, and master digital audio files with powerful tools that bring flexibility and control to your desktop studio. Easily create music, produce radio spots, and restore imperfect recordings. Bring audio and video together using smart integration with Adobe video applications. Get professional results in real time with Adobe Audition 2.0 software.

Record and mix

Low-latency mixing with unlimited tracks
Enjoy rapid response as you record and mix with a new, powerful low-latency mixing engine.

ASIO, VST, DirectX, and ReWire support
Easily integrate Adobe Audition 2.0 into your workflow, thanks to broad support for industry formats and standards, including

More than 50 audio effects and DSP tools
Work with more than 50 real-time audio effects including echo, flange, reverb, and more. Manipulate recordings with digital signal processing (DSP) tools, mastering and analysis tools, and audio restoration features.

Recordable parameter automation with external hardware support
Move volume, pan, and effects controls as you listen, and record changes to your mix in real time. Use external hardware controllers to make changes, which appear as editable envelopes in the timeline.

Surround Encoder
Use the Surround Encoder to transform any multitrack mix into a 5.1 surround sound experience. Export the results as an interleaved file that can be used in Adobe Premiere® Pro software.

Create and arrange

Complete audio toolset
Record, mix, arrange, and edit your audio in one comprehensive, easy-to-use application. Produce high-resolution 24- or 32-bit files with sample rates up to 192kHz for HD- and DVD-quality audio.

Loop-based soundtrack creation
Use flexible looping tools to quickly construct high-quality music for songs or soundtracks. Loops automatically match global session tempo and key.

Audio editing for video
Use Adobe Audition 2.0 to edit the soundtracks for videos created in Adobe After Effects® or Adobe Premiere Pro software with the Edit Original and Edit in Adobe Audition features.

Intuitive user interface
Enjoy an updated, easy-to-use interface—consistent with those in the latest Adobe video applications—with workspace panels that dock and group for optimal organization, as well as new phase analysis tools and a powerful new Mixer panel.

Thousands of uncompressed 32-bit music loops
Arrange your own music with professional results using approximately 5,000 included, 32-bit, performance-based, royalty-free music loops in many styles.

Edit and master

Audio restoration tools
Easily restore recordings from old vinyl; remove microphone pops, hisses, hums, and other audio artifacts; fix clipped audio; and repair recordings with Click/Pop Eliminators, Noise Reduction, and more.

Mastering Rack in Edit View
Apply and preview multiple effects simultaneously when working with files in Edit View. Save frequently used rack settings as presets for convenient reuse.

Spectral Frequency Display tools
Visually isolate and select sounds in frequency and time, and then clean up, modify, or apply effects to the selected sound using the Spectral Frequency Display. Isolate specific sounds and increase the visibility of lower frequencies.

Spectral Pan and Phase displays
Analyze audio with powerful visualization tools including the unique Spectral Pan and Phase displays, which plot pan, phase, and frequency over time.

Mastering tools
Add final touches to a mix with the Graphic and Parametric equalizers, and add punch to your audio with the Dynamics Processor, Hard Limiter, and new Multiband Compressor.

Minimum requirements (manufacturer specifications)

  • Intel® Pentium® III or 4 or Intel Centrino™ (or other SSE-enabled) processor (Pentium 4 or other SSE2-enabled processor required for video)
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional or Home Edition with Service Pack 2
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 700MB of available hard-disk space (5.5GB recommended for installing optional audio clips)
  • 1,024x768 display (1,280x1,024 recommended)
  • Sound card with DirectSound or ASIO drivers (multitrack ASIO sound card recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive (DVD-ROM drive recommended for installing optional audio clips)
  • CD-RW drive for audio CD creation
  • Speakers or headphones recommended
  • Internet or phone connection required for product activation and Internet-related services

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