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PTC Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 SE
Academic Use Box - Windows

for Windows
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License: PTC Academic Use License
License Type: Single License
Time Limit: Unlimited
Proof of Specialist Qualification: Not necessary
• Pupils, students , college students
• Teachers, faculty
• Schools, high schools, universities
• Non-commercial R&D institutes
• Charity organisations


The Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 Student Edition includes the following modules:

  • Pro/ENGINEER-Foundation Advantage
  • Interactive Surfacing
  • Advanced Assembly
  • Behavioral Modeling
  • Design Animation
  • Mechanism Design

Also included:

  • PTC's Online Help
  • Getting Started with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 Tutorials (PDF files on CD, English langiage only)
  • Installation Guide (PDF files on CD, English langiage only)

Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 Student Edition does not include the following modules that are part of the commercial Pro/ENGINEER-Foundation Advantage Package:

  • Pro/PDGS

New in Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0:

  • Rendering Scene File

    You can create a scene file containing the lighting, room, and advanced rendering environment effects.
  • Direct Light Manipulation

    You can directly manipulate lights within the model window.
  • Surface Normal Condition

    You can add a normal-to-plane boundary condition to a surface in the Restyle feature.
  • 3-D Equidistant Finishing

    A spiral finish with constant step over on surface is now possible.
  • 3-D Quick Print
    Quickly create drawing layouts and plot directly from the 3-D environment.
  • 3-D Set Datum Tags on Surfaces
    There is new option for displaying set datums in 3-D. You can place ASME Y14.41 style set datum tags on surfaces.
  • ANSYS Solver Improvements
    More modeling entities are output to the ANSYS solver in FEM mode.
  • Activate Layer
    When you activate a layer, all entities supported for layering and created from that point forward, are automatically added to that layer.
  • Additional Language Support on Linux
    There is additional language support for Linux.
  • Advanced Springs
    More capabilities are added to advanced springs.
  • Align Angular Dimensions
    Angular and linear dimensions can be aligned at the same time.
  • Annotation Feature User Interface Enhancements
    From the ANNOTATION FEATURE dialog box you can change reference descriptions, replace references, and define annotation text direction.
  • Annotation Feature and UDF Interaction
    You can add Annotation features to User-Defined features (UDFs)and define some values in Annotation Elements to be variable.
  • Assembly Step in Process Manager

    With a new assembly step, you can assemble other components within a NC process and use them to continue the NC process.
  • AssemblySense Capabilities
    Enhancements to Component Interfaces now make it easier and more powerful to define and place components, features and UDFs in assembly.
  • Attach Geometric Tolerances to Leader Elbows
    New placement options for geometric tolerance attachment to leader elbows support ISO and JIS standards.
  • Autodetection of a Windows Locale
    Pro/ENGINEER and PTC.Setup now detect the default locale on Windows and attempt to run Pro/ENGINEER in that locale.
  • Automated Setting for Manufacturing Model Accuracy

    An automated absolute accuracy setting for the manufacturing model is available.
  • Automatic Annotation Display in Drawings
    When you create a drawing view of a model with 3-D annotations, the annotations automatically appear.
  • Automatic Clipped Dimensions
    There is a new way to create clipped dimensions and it is easier to create small, acute, angular dimensions.
  • Automatic Creation of Contact Regions
    You can automatically create contact regions between a set of selected parts in an assembly.
  • Automatic Filleting of Corners

    For high-speed machining, you can automatically generate corner filleting.

During installtion, you can choose one of the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese (simulation modules are not available in Italian or Spanish).

This product may only be purchased by qualified students or educators. If you are not a student or educator, you may purchase our product 19214903N.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional (Windows XP recommended)
  • Main Memory: 256 MB (1024 MB or more recommended)
  • Available Disk Space for installation: 2 GB* (2.5-3 GB* recommended)
  • Available Disk Space for swap file: 500 MB* (2 GB* or more recommended)
  • CPU Speed: 500 MHz (2.4 GHz or faster recommended)
  • Network: Microsoft TCP/IP, Ethernet network adapter
  • Monitor: 1024 X 768 (or higher) resolution support with 24-bit or greater color
  • Mouse: Microsoft approved 3 button mouse
  • 3D controller: 3DConnexion controller recommended
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later, Mozilla 1.7.3 or later
  • Media: CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

*The hard disks must be formattet in NTFS file format!

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8/31/2006 - Pro E 3.0
We have been using the new version of Pro E in our lab at school and I can say it is the best version yet. There are some many advanced functions that really make life alot easier. If you are serious about 3D solid modeling that this is the one to have.

12/5/2006 - Pro Engineer 3.0
Excellent software, good rendering plugins come with it. Highly reccommend pro engineer when compared to solid works and 3ds max. Its for proper engineers!!

12/8/2006 - very nice
This is the best drawing software

12/9/2006 - Wildfire 3.0
Ive used unigraphics before, but ProE is soo much easier!
Wildfire is definately much better than 2001 aswell, and even though not everything has been converted to the new dashboard system from the menus &gadwy;& most things have and its much easier to navigate in particular re&gadwy;&defining; features and knowing where you went wrong!

12/11/2006 - Another improvement
I am now in my final year at university and have found that again, the new version of pro e has made it easier to use and the additional features are a welcome addition.

12/20/2006 - Beste Funktionalität
Das Programm hat derzeit auf dem CAD-Markt das Höchstmaß an Funtionalität.

12/27/2006 - Pro/E wildfire 3.0
I have used an older version, and this one is much easier and there is a lot of possibilities. You have to try it!

1/2/2007 - Super
It is very good for modeling and for detail drawing!

1/2/2007 - Boring
This is one of the best products ever¬¬
I like it very much because it has a great reputation and u can nearly model everything with it!!
It has a bit of problems with detail but is great for rough modeling!!!
The nice thing about it that it works in 3D as the real world i.e. it is very practical. If u should have any questions please do not ask me I am tooo busy!! thank u very much! I do not just write this because I want to fill my review with more words but because I mean it! Thank you very much for your time!!! Did I mention to thank you very much?

1/7/2007 -
Once learned Pro/E is easy to use for creating any 3D models.

1/7/2007 -
Once learned - easy to use for creating any 3D models. Rendering looks really professional!

2/27/2007 - Profi
Beste CAD Programe was ich kenne

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